Educational Resources


Fostering academic success in a child is major task for any caregiver. For kinship guardians who may have not been in the caregiver role in quite some time, the school experience can be overwhelming. Fostering Family is here to help assist kin guardians navigate the school process, connect with resources, adjust to online and hybrid learning models, and promote scholastic success.

Grand Families Resource Site
A fantastic resource when looking for statistics and education about kinship caregivers, specifically grandparents taking care of grandchildren.

The Child Welfare League of America
Founded in 1922, the organization is dedicated to the well being, safety, and growth of America’s youth. This organization is also very well adept at helping caregivers and ensuring they have the resources they need to raise their children/grandchildren properly.

Built in 2013, SHARE is a comprehensive resource and information database available to all New Mexicans. Along with having the resources and information in it’s database, it also allows New Mexicans to share information amongst each other and supports collaboration.

New Mexico Workforce Connection
is a state run program that helps with virtual job matching, employment resources, and allows access to the unemployment insurance tax claims system, amongst other things.

New Mexico Early Childhood Education & Care Department
Created by Gov. Grisham and the New Mexico Legislature in 2019 and officially launched July 1, 2020, this program is designed to create a more fluid early childhood system in New Mexico. This will include the entire spectrum of programs available from prenatal to age 5.