Program Overview


The Kinship Navigator Grant recognizes the critical importance of Kinship Caregivers, and works to provide them with the kinds of supports and services previously reserved for traditional foster parents. Southwest Family Guidance Center has been officially designated a “Relative Success Center,” of this program. In collaboration with New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department, Southwest Family provides a coordinated and comprehensive array of resources for kinship caregivers in all New Mexico counties.

What Kind Of Services Are Provided?

  • Assistance in determining the needs of the family and what services they may be eligible to receive from nonprofit, local, state and national sources.
  • Education related to kinship care, such as: caregiving, self-care, mental health, legal assistance, social media, current technologies, child development, childhood trauma, financial planning, taxes, cultural competency,
  • Assistance in completing guardianship packets to help caregivers register children for school and apply for medical services.
  • Collaboration with civil legal service providers in order to refer caregivers to legal services as appropriate in relation to:
    obtaining guardianship or custody orders; child/Parent visitation; public benefits and financial matters; assistance with negotiations; housing; culturally appropriate legal services to immigrant caregivers
  • Access to federal, state and local benefits including, but not limited to: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); WIC; Supplemental Security Income (SSI); Housing Authority; Income Support Division; Medicaid; Child Support; Respite Care; Guardianship Assistance; Legal Assistance; Child Care Assistance; Education.
  • Therapeutic services, either in-house or with community based services, Behavioral Management Services, Case management, Peer Support Services, Individual and Family therapy.

What Is The Process Like?

  • A Request For Services form is submitted online or a Triage Of Needs Is Completed by a Community Service Worker (CSW) for each family.
  • A Program Coordinator from Southwest Family Guidance Center will make contact within 2 business days.
  • An assessment of needs is performed by the Program Coordinator.
  • The family is assigned a Assigned a CSW to provide direct assistance and help accessing resources and services.
  • If therapy is required, the CSW will initiate onboarding clients into Southwest Family Guidance Center.
  • If other types of services provided outside of Southwest Family Guidance Center are needed, the CSW will ensure those referrals are made.
  • Services continue, on an as-needed-basis, indefinitely.